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Friday, 27 October 2017 00:00

Аrt therapy for parents

In order to improve the psychological state of parents who bring up children with disabilities, a cycle of classes on Art therapy began at the Center for Socio-Psychological Rehabilitation for Children and Youth with Functional Constraints of the Dneprovsky District of Kyiv.
In order to streamline the understanding of a person about how he uses different resources in his life, the first lesson was devoted to the topic "Working with a personal resource," where parents shared urgent problems and jointly sought ways to solve them.
The social sphere is a good and good business. Doing good is normal. But, as in every work, there are its nuances, and more precisely, the great risk of professional personal burnout. Therefore, mutual assistance in such activities is never by the way.
MBO "Messenger of Peace" organized training for employees and specialists on the topic "Prevention of professional burnout". In the small circle of communication and so-called supervision, on which we were looking for ways to improve our psychological state, shared their internal experiences and ways to search for the replenishment of personal resources.
Each employee has come up with new forces to complete new good things, to support and work with families and children with special needs.
Tuesday, 19 September 2017 00:00

"Day of Salvation"

September 17, 2017 in the center of Kiev was the holiday "Day of Salvation".
The team of the IBO "Poslanets Miru" together with families who bring up children with disabilities in Shevchenkivskyi district of Kiev had a pleasant opportunity to have a great time at this event.
The main event was the performance of the legendary man Nicholas James Vuychich, born without arms and legs, but with a great desire to live his life with dignity, to help other people to find faith in themselves, rejoice and love life.
Having only a piece of foot with two fingers, he learned to walk, swim, skate, play on the computer and write. I created a beautiful family.
In his speech, the legendary man emphasized that everyone should just be happy, be grateful for life, love each other and accept each other as we are.
Even if a person has some physical defects, he is still a full member of society, and such a society must properly treat such people and take care of them.
For families with special children, which is sponsored by our organization, this speech was a statement that they are full-fledged members of society who simply enjoy life. All of them are very grateful and we, together with them, for such a warm and motivational meeting with a man who, with word and deed, proves that, with a great desire, nothing is possible.
We express gratitude to all organizers of the event, sponsors and volunteers.
Tuesday, 19 September 2017 00:00

Master class "Doll-Motanka"

We, your children, Ukraine!
Under this motto was our meeting with the young pupils of the Special Educational and Educational Complex "Mriya" in the Desnyanskiy district of Kiev. And not sparrow, but because invited to visit the master of decorative and applied arts - Svetlana, who held a master class for children to make dolls-motanki. This amulet came to us from ancient times from our ancestors as a belief in family well-being, children's health and family comfort. Kids with pleasure were making motanka, who for parents, and who for their brothers and sisters. Children's smiles, interested eyes and help to each other - this is the best return on children. All children made amulets for their families and received sweet gifts.
We will definitely return to them!
Let's make children happy together!
Thursday, 14 September 2017 00:00

In Search of the First September

For the Day of Knowledge in the "Group for the provision of social services for day-care children with functional limitations Shevchenkivskyi district of Kiev a holiday was held!
Children were entertained by cheerful animators of the Monster High school, volunteers conducted various master classes on making bookmarks, paintings from salted dough and painting on wood.
At the event came about 30 special children with their parents and were just delighted with the holiday, fun, dances, competitions and of course sweets.
Of course, we could not help but join the organization of the holiday for our beloved children.
We wish children health and perseverance, and parents of patience and discovery of new opportunities!
Thursday, 14 September 2017 00:00

Day of Knowledge Action

The beginning of the New Year for each family is an important event in their life and the life of their child. For some, this is new impressions, for some - new difficulties. With this holiday, I especially wanted to congratulate children with disabilities and wish them as many happy moments in life, new friends, just good people and acquaintances and of course success in their studies!
To share the holiday with the children, we visited several rehabilitation centers in Kiev with gifts: sets of stationery, backpacks for the school. Holosiivskyi district met us with a concert program: the children sang, told poems and danced.
We also visited families with children with disabilities who are on individual home-based education. All children are very positive and open to communication, and their parents, despite all the difficulties - positive and bright people!
Thursday, 14 September 2017 00:00

Day of health in nature

So a new academic year has come for the children-pupils of the Mostyshchenskaya specialized general boarding school. The weather still pleases with warm days and we decided to spend a one-day fitness camp. Children with great pleasure took part in the installation of tents, in the preparation of firewood for the fire, helped with cooking, cooked the soup and of course roasted sausages. All this was accompanied by cheerful sports games and singing songs. The children were very happy to see their friends after the summer holidays, chatted cheerfully, ate and joked. Everyone wanted to lie on deck chairs and in tents. Some saw such an inventory for the first time and were keen on what was going on.
We are very pleased to make children happier and friendlier, the common occupation, especially in the open air, unite us all even more. We could not say goodbye to them for long, hugged and promised to hold such events more often!
Thank you for the help in organizing the event to the director of the boarding school and all the teachers. Looking forward to the next meeting!
Tuesday, 01 August 2017 00:00

Fun holidays

In order not to get bored during the hot days, we spent a wonderful time at the event "Merry Holidays" with the children and parents of the Group to provide social services for children with functional limitations in the Shevchenko district of Kyiv. Children were pleased with funny games, they jumped, they beat with balls, they threw water bombs. All those wishing to participate in the contest of drawing on asphalt, made joint creative work in the form of appliqués of children's handles of all the students of the Center, conducted a master class on making postcards. And of course, goodies, sweets, cookies, fruits and much more.
The children received not only a sea of ​​positive emotions, but also rewards for their efforts!
Thanks to the co-organizers, parents, volunteers and everyone who took part in the event!
Warm and interesting to everyone the continuation of the summer!
Let's make this world better together!



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