We are looking for someone who cares!


No matter how strong and caring they are, all parents need a lot of support, such as professional and friendly advice or just help from someone with more experience. Parents of disable children need such support even more because experience of effectively growing up a disable child is very valuable, rare, and extremely difficult. Rehabilitation center for children and youth with disabilities Rayduzhna street, 51, Dniprovskyy district, Kyiv.

We need volunteers a lot!!


We are looking for professionals and volunteers as there is always something to do:

- Professional counseling for parents

- Mentoring families

- Assisting in a day centre for children with disabilities

- Working in the service «Nanny online»

- Conducting creative workshops 

- Working in the clothing bank

- Repairing electrical, electronic and computing equipment for the further use by children 

- Decorating Centers’ premises

- Transferring children or funds for families


Disable children and their parents need your help!


Just 2 hours of your time a week can make the world a better place! Please write to us if you would like to help.


Our e-mail address is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.