The International Charitable Organization "Messenger of Peace" implement educational campaigns on health lifestyles, reproductive health, children`s rights and women`s rights, training on organization of supporting children, development of parent`s potential, relatives and members of local communities.

We are always happy to share our experiences and invite you to participate in the trainings and the workshops.

- Children and Young people.

- Parents and relatives of disabled children.

- Social Workers.

- Teachers and care workers.


Project "Respectable Fatherhood".

The purpose of this project is the implementation of innovative educational activities for:

- Building up of the young people on the future paternity.

- Strengthening the parent capacity of the families who are facing difficult circumstances and the prevention of social orphanhood.


- Stress, separation and loss in the children`s lives. The impact of separation and loss in the children`s development.

- Work with parental expectations "Power of Unfulfilled Desires"

- Assessing the needs of the child and their family. Organization of family case management.

- Individual planning of the child`s development.

- Portrait of a day in the life of the child/family - Encouragement and Discipline, Relaxation, and Recovery.

- The emotional connection (attachment) as a basis for the development of the child.

- Goals and family values. Analysing, Planning and Achieving!

- How to listen to the child. Automatic reactions that prevent the hearing of the child.

- Difficulties and conflicts in the interaction of the child.

- Prevention of emotional exhaustion.

- Reproductive health and family planning.

- Involving the children and young people in the decision making process.



The Project "Strengthening NGO`S

Aim: Effective organizational developments and capacity of NGO`S for the effective management of a non - profitable organization.


- Analysis of the needs of the local community.

- Revitalization, Partnership and Resources.

- Strategic planning of a public organization.

- Changes in organization and personal training to work in a new environment.

- Cycle management of social projects.

- Quality monitoring and evaluation of social projects.

- Team building with effective communication.

- Prevention of professional burnout.

- Assessment of organization to protect a child from abuse.


  1. Our Plans:

    Organizing online conferences with specialists in the physical rehabilitation of children with functional limitations.


    To strengthen the knowledge of parents and professionals who bring up/work with children who have functional limitations.