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Friday, 09 February 2018 00:00

The New Year we meet together!

On December 18, a pre-New Year celebration took place in department of Social and Medical 
Rehabilitation from Pechersky district of Kiev.The Snow Maiden arrived with gifts, songs and
dances. Children, in turn, prepared New Year costumes and poems, sang songs about winter
together with Snow Maiden. Thanks for the invitation, we were glad to see everyone again
and share the celebration with you!

For our friends from Sweden, the children and their parents prepared a musical greeting. Under

the laughter and music all together danced and sang songs. Adults took part too. It was very fun,

touching and entertaining. Thanks to everyone who came to the party!

Tuesday, 28 November 2017 00:00

Master class "New Year's candle"

On the eve of the New Year began a rapid preparation of gifts and surprises for their loved ones. The Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation for Children and Youth with Functional Constraints of the Dniprovsky District of Kiev hosted a master class on the manufacture of a New Year's decorative candle.
Children and parents with great interest made a candle from the honeycomb. The process and the manufacture of jewelry also contributes to the improvement of fine motor skills in children and concentration of attention.
Many thanks to our friend, the master of Ukrainian art - Svetlana, for her work and love for our children!

On November 17, our organization, in close cooperation with the International Charity Fund Tulsun, held a charity event for the planting of ornamental and fruit trees on the territory of the Mostyshchenskaya Specialized Boarding School for children with mild mental retardation in the Makarovsky district of the Kyiv region.
Together with a team of volunteers and children of this institution, more than 70 fruit and ornamental trees were planted. Children and the administration of the institution are very grateful for this work, because over time, in the territory near the building will grow a wonderful fruit garden, and decorative trees will be a pleasant decoration of the school grounds.
Children will be able to take care of trees and eat their fruits, this will be another step in the process of their socialization in society.
We express our sincere gratitude to our partners and look forward to fruitful cooperation in future events.
Together you can do many more good deeds for those who need them!
Wednesday, 15 November 2017 00:00

American experience in providing social services

We constantly improve personal knowledge in the sphere of rendering social services. This time, Donna Dostal, the international coach for organizing the Neartland family service (Nebraska, USA), at the training "Ensuring the sustainability of society: fundraising and social mobilization".
And the meeting with the American colleagues continued at the International Practical Conference "Socially Responsible Society: An Effective Model of Social Services for Children and Families".
In the interactive format, master classes were held:
"Planning of social protection programs for children" with Mary O'Neill, the chief specialist on program activities of the Heartland Family Service, Mary How about planning social protection programs for children.
"Strategic positioning and planning" with the president and executive director of the Heartland Family Service, John Janet. How to use information technology in all planning stages.
A very rich and interesting experience was received from representatives of the organization of the Notartland family service. We hope that we will implement all the best practices in our organization.
Wednesday, 15 November 2017 00:00

Holiday "Autumn Day"

The Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation for Children and Youth with Functional Constraints of the Dniprovsky District of Kyiv hosted the long-awaited "Autumn Day", which is very fond of children and their parents, and especially when we invite our already regular friends - the Tropinka Theater Studio.
A lot of emotions, smiles and of course gifts were received by all the children and participants of the holiday.
It is unfortunate that many children could not come because of illness. We wish them a speedy recovery and hope that the next holiday will be held in a big and noisy company with them!
Wednesday, 15 November 2017 00:00

"Believe in yourself" festival


November 8, 2017 was the long-awaited favorite XVII Dneprovsky Regional Festival of Children's and Youth Creativity with functional limitations "Believe in yourself."
How much warmth and love children put in their work, which were presented at the exhibition. It's just impossible to take your eyes off! I can not believe that they were made by children and young people with features.
About 250 children and young people with disabilities of the Dniprovsky district of Kyiv took part in the festival.
In the hall the whole concert was filled with an incredible atmosphere. There was no such person who did not like wonderful dances, songs, poems and playing musical instruments.
Thank you children, for work, a wonderful holiday, the mood that was presented. We are very pleased to be involved, for a year already, in the conduct of the Creative Festival.


Tuesday, 14 November 2017 00:00

Personal development of employees

Personal development in the provision of social services is very important. That is why our specialists constantly work on this and take part in specialized seminars and trainings.
Recently in the American House the International webinar "Monitoring and control of the quality of social services for children with disabilities" was held. His experience was shared with us by the American consultant on the implementation of targeted solutions for people with disabilities Christopher De Rosa.

We continue conducting trainings on "Preventing personal burnout" - a very relevant and necessary topic in our time:
This time the participants were the parents of special children who visit the Group to provide social day care services for children with disabilities in the Shevchenko district of Kiev and of course we do not forget about specialists. Now the training was held for the teachers and teachers of the Mostyshchenskaya secondary school boarding school for children with minor mental disabilities.
Also, a series of Art therapy for adults is continuing. The theme of the lesson was "Balance Model"
All participants were able to gain new strength, recharge their internal resources for further work and life.

Friday, 27 October 2017 00:00

Delicious workshop with Kenwood

IСO "Messenger of Peace" together with partners De'Longhi Ukraine continues conducting Master classes on cooking with Kenwood for special children and young people.
On October 24, the De'Longhi Ukraine team of specialists conducted a wonderful, cognitive work on cooking pasta with Bolognese sauce and cooked delicious cocoa. Participation was accepted not only by children, but also by their parents. In a warm and entertaining atmosphere, some children showed great success in cooking pasta and a greater desire to learn how to cook deliciously and help their mother in the kitchen.
Thanks to the specialists of De'Longhi Ukraine, the great interest and desire of the participants and of course to the kitchen machines Kenwood everything turned out very, very delicious.
We express gratitude to all the participants, our partners and of course the staff of the Territorial Social Services Center of Shevchenkivskyi district of Kiev for the positive mood, cognitive and delicious master class.
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