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Thursday, 15 November 2018 00:00

Amazing shadow theater!

Amazing guests - the Sharzh Pop Theater today visited the Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation for Children and Young People with Disabilities in the Dneprovsky District of Kiev with a new theatrical production, which was held as part of a music therapy session.
Shadow play "He who fulfills desires" is thought out to the smallest detail and specially adapted for special spectators. SIMPLE, concise, ACCESSIBLE, educational, PROFESSIONAL !!! Everyone was amazed by the unique mysteriousness of the action, fascinated by the talented and emotional play of actors - students of the stage and audiovisual art department of the National Academy of Culture and Arts.
Children and their parents received a lot of pleasure, pleasant impressions and a positive charge of emotions, and our charming guests received loud and prolonged applause, grateful joyful looks and smiles.
BRAVO artists !!! BRAVO artistic director and director - Julia Briefly !!! Thank you forever and we wish you further professional development, endless inspiration, realization of creative ideas !!! We hope and look forward to new meetings !!!
Tuesday, 13 November 2018 00:00

Participation in the round table meeting

Initiated and carried out by the International Charitable Organization "Messenger of Peace", together with APSVT partners, the Round Table on the topic: "Social and legal protection of ATO participants and families: current issues of the day", was held in Dnipro. Representatives of government bodies and local self-government, scientists, representatives of the public, students, veteran ATO, practical psychologists, lawyers, heads of charitable organizations were invited to participate in the round table. Among the issues under discussion:

1. Legal protection of the interests of ATO veterans and their families; 2. Adaptation of veterans of the anti-terrorist operation to a new social role; 3. Antistress program for ATO veterans and their families; 4. From idea to business or how to realize your potential and raise funds for the implementation of your own project to an ATO veteran; 5. Presentation of the social project "Education - Online for ATO Veterans." All those present expressed a unanimous position regarding the provision of all-round information, materials, and advice to participants, ATO veterans and their families.
Kovreva Ekaterina, head of the International Peace Organization "Messenger of Peace" charitable foundation, introduced the innovative online education “Online Education”, which will speed up the systematization of the rehabilitation and adaptation of the veteran ATO, as well as provide round-the-clock access to relevant information, consultations with specialized specialists, training, promotion, etc. . After the end of the event, the participants did not hurry to disperse, continuing discussions and friendly communication in a more compelling atmosphere.


Tuesday, 13 November 2018 00:00

No, orphanage!


For some, just words ....
For others - a way to make money .....
And for many - SECURITY ....
Orphanage was a sentence for a huge number of children throughout Ukraine. This is a real problem of our time - actual, large-scale, ill, especially for those who have ever looked into her eyes.
What we, ordinary people, have is love, care, family comfort, but sometimes we don’t appreciate it, it is desirable for orphans.
Today, November 11, all religious confessions of Ukraine prayed for orphans, but not only prayed, but also agreed to make joint efforts to overcome orphanhood in Ukraine.
We joined the common prayer with great joy, because our organization cannot stand aloof from this issue and has been doing everything possible for many years to reduce the number of orphans and give them a great benefit - to be happy in their own families.
Friends, join the charity! Everyone at his own level do good, change the world for the better, and fate will thank you a hundredfold.
Only together we will overcome orphanhood! Only together we will give a chance to love and give warmth.
Tuesday, 13 November 2018 00:00

Fun with the clown Vova!

Before Special School № 18 for children we can hear it all of a sudden, when we came to our place, we’d found and found our favorite friend in our world - Clown VOVA (Nymechchina) and our friends.
Novy uchbovyi tidden pozhatsya sі Smіhu that neymovіrnyh tricks.
A sea of positive and rosvag denied that and all present!
Bazhaєmo th you so rozpochinati the tenth!
Wednesday, 07 November 2018 00:00

Participation in the conference

Our organization is actively interested in new proposals on the possibility of obtaining grandees and effective communication with the direct representatives of the grantors in Ukraine.
This year, they attended a unique, innovative event, which is held in Ukraine for the first time gathered under its roof sponsors from all over Europe, as well as more than 300 visitors - this is the First International Fair of Business Grants. Interesting acquaintances, a rich exchange of experience, lively discussion, many interesting offers - this and much more had the opportunity to receive today during the event.
ICO "Messenger of Peace" at the Fair of Grandees was represented by the ideological leader, our director Ekaterina Kovreva
Sunday, 04 November 2018 00:00

The drumming continues!


With the onset of the new training, the Center for Drum Therapy, which children and parents were waiting for, is taking place at the Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation for Children and Young People with Disabilities in the Dnipro district of Kiev. We thank our partners, Rise Up, for the opportunity to conduct such useful lessons!

Sunday, 04 November 2018 00:00

Treat our little friends!


September 26, together with the company "DeLongy Ukraine", we met and held a delicious workshop for wonderful children from the "Department of Social and Medical Rehabilitation for Children with Cerebral Palsy" in Darnytsa district of Kiev. All together they sang, laughed and made delicious tiramisu and a milkshake. The children could not only try their culinary creation, but also treat their relatives at home. Everyone really liked it! Thanks to our master chef Olga and the whole team of DeLonga Ukraine for the care, attention and love for special children!

Sunday, 04 November 2018 00:00

Autumn colors!


Today, the Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation for Children and Young People with Disabilities in the Dnipro district of Kiev celebrated a wonderful Autumn Day. All the children and parents were very beautiful and recited poems and sang songs in a great mood. We thank all those present and organizers! Especially we want to thank the children and the staff of the Mostyschensky specialized boarding school, who gave environmentally friendly apples and pumpkins to their friends and wished everyone good health! Bringing Happiness to Families is so nice!

Sunday, 04 November 2018 00:00

A world of beauty for our moms!

Today we were very pleased to meet with the radiant representatives of Mary Kay, Natalya Gurkivskaya and Natalya Tretyak and are grateful for the positive Beauty Workshop held for parents and specialists who bring up and work with special children of the Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation for Children and Young People with Disabilities Dnieper district of Kiev! Everyone was able to escape from routine questions for a long time and to shine time to his beloved! And this is so often not enough! We will wait for further meetings!

Sunday, 04 November 2018 00:00

Action "Plant a tree"

We keep up and support the social activity of our friends, employees of the company "DeLongi Ukraine". This time there was a Planting of fruit trees for the clients of the “Department of Social and Medical Rehabilitation for Children with Cerebral Palsy” in the Darnytsa district of Kiev. Very soon there will be the first fruits and vitamins.

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