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Wednesday, 11 April 2018 00:00

Learning to think positively

To increase the level of stress resistance, prevent emotional and professional burnout specialists of the Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation for Children and Youth with Disabilities of the Dniprovsky District of Kyiv, employees of the ICO "The Messenger of Peace" also took part in it. Psychologist Inna Karaschuk conducted a training-seminar on "Positive thinking".
In a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, the participants managed to understand themselves, their thoughts, to gather useful information and just relax.
Everyone is looking forward to continuing and the next meeting.

Warm, sunny weather, and also wonderfully presented to us from across the ocean! Special kind of boarding school № 18 for children with low hearing was visited by the most kind and honest wizard in the world Clown VOVA. He was greeted with songs and dances performed by pupils of the school. For which, the children were rewarded, an amazing, fun, magical and unforgettable performance, filled with various tricks and contests.
Everyone, even adults, watched with delight, happily applauded and admired what they saw.
Thanks to our friends for the celebration given to children and delicious treats!

On March 26, 2018, a round table was held within the framework of the project«The right to life with love» organized by the International Organization "The Messenger of Peace". Discussion of the interaction between state and public sectors to accompany the crisis pregnancy was carried out in the «Kyiv city Сenter of work with women»(Kyiv, Melnikova str., 20). Director of ICO "The Messenger of Peace"Kovreva Ekaterina Lukinichna provided information on the activities of the organization and outlined the need for introducing a model "Early intervention" while waiting expectations of the child to establish interaction between parents and professionals.

Deputy Director of the Department of Social Policy of Kyiv City State Administration Cherkashina Lyudmila Borisovna outlined the objectives of social policy in relation to families where children with disabilities are brought up.Chairman of the charity fund " For the Dignity of Man", member of the European Institute for Family Education Genya Sambirskaya raised the issue of preventing crisis pregnancy and specific assistance to women.Candidate of psychological sciences, senior researcher of the Institute of social and political psychology,president of the Art-Therapeutic association,member of the board of directors of the "National psychological association" Voznesenskaya Elena Leonidovna presented the problems of interaction of the psychological community in the framework of rendering qualified assistance.Including the influence of the media on the decision-making process about the fate of the unborn child. Also Elena Leonidovna noted the importance of training on interaction in the family in the period of expectation of a child with developmental defects and after birth.The general discussion was attended by representatives of maternity hospitals in Kyiv №2, 3, the Perinatal Center, the social service of the Podolsky district, the Kyiv City Center for work with women.The discussion was also attended by public organizations:All-Ukrainian Foundation "For the Dignity of Man",All-Ukrainian Charity Organization "Down Syndrome",MPF "Gift of Life"that submitted their findings, identified problems and ways to address them.

As a result, the participants were given an opportunity to discuss important topics, to seek ways of cooperation in the area of assistance to crisis customers.Also during the discussion, opinions were expressed on the need to combine efforts to provide qualified assistance to families in crisis.Creation of an updated database where customers can obtain important information for them and set up models for interaction between state institutions, public organizations to accompany a crisis pregnancy.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018 00:00

Master class of gingerbread painting

Spring has come, and behind it a long-awaited meeting and a very exciting master class from our friends from the company «DeLonghi Ukraine».This time, the children were engaged in painting gingerbread.Everyone was so focused and passionate about the creation of their culinary masterpieces that from the current silence one could think that these are not children, but real chefs.The result did not take long to wait and everyone was able to create their own unique, bright, colorful treats.For their labors, the children were rewarded with freshly cooked, tasty and useful cocoa and, of course, they were able to taste the gingerbread cakes they worked on.

And we, in turn, received a lot of pleasure and positive energy from children's smiles and cheerful communication.

Friday, 09 February 2018 00:00

In guests looking cheerful celebration

St Nicholas came with celebration for special children and children from large families from Dniprovsky 
District of Kiev.
Performance of a piggy Choc was amused not only for the children, but also the parents. We thank to our partners from СF «Сaritas Kyiv» for a good mood and pleasant gifts. A huge gratitude to all the organizers and participants!


Friday, 09 February 2018 00:00

Culinary master class

The Culinary master class «Marshmallow and milkshake with chocolate» was in special school#18 
city of Kyiv.Thanks to the organizers of the sweet event:the IBO «Messenger of Piece»,
professional chefs and their assistants – employees of the companyDeLonghi Group Ukraine!
Friday, 09 February 2018 00:00

The New Year we meet together!

On December 18, a pre-New Year celebration took place in department of Social and Medical 
Rehabilitation from Pechersky district of Kiev.The Snow Maiden arrived with gifts, songs and
dances. Children, in turn, prepared New Year costumes and poems, sang songs about winter
together with Snow Maiden. Thanks for the invitation, we were glad to see everyone again
and share the celebration with you!

For our friends from Sweden, the children and their parents prepared a musical greeting. Under

the laughter and music all together danced and sang songs. Adults took part too. It was very fun,

touching and entertaining. Thanks to everyone who came to the party!

Thursday, 15 February 2018 00:00

25-th IWCK eleemosynary market

During 25, every first Saturday of December, the International sorority of Kyiv (IWCK) on behalf of international association of city organizes the scale Eleemosynary fair, to help Ukrainians! Our organization with gladness takes part already not alone year with works of the special babies. All receivabless from this fair head for the needs of orphans, elderly people, children with the special necessities, and other people needing a help. Thank you to all members for their support in realization of projects! Together we can far anymore!
Thursday, 15 February 2018 00:00

Sweet masterclass for babies from "Kenwood"

Here and again the long-awaited meeting took place with a company "DeLonghi Ukraine" on realization of masterclass with the pupils of educator complex "Dream". Children were simply in raptures from participating in preparation of candies and desserts. The smell of vanilla and chocolate was unbelievable, nobody could hold out and pass by. Delicious cacaos and most sweet dessert did not leave indifferent not only children but also all adults. All participants carried away a good mood home, and got from the favourite head-cooks of Olga, Tanya and command "DeLonghi Ukraine" gifts as brandname aprons and professional attachments for pastry sacks. Everything we look forward to next meeting. Enormous thank you to our friends are companies "DeLonghi Ukraine", who helped all in preparation and, certainly, to the participants.

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