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'Messenger of peace' together with their partners organized a Christmas Party for children with disabilities from the Center for Psychosocial Rehabilitation in Dnipro district,  Kyiv.
The initiator of the action 'Christmas Tree of Desires and Dreams' was our partner - Jewelry House 'ZARINA'. The essence of the action was that company employees received a leaflet with the children's Desires and Dreams, placed them on the Christmas tree's in the chain stores, where customers and employees were able to take on the implementation of the child's dreams. Enabling the child's  Desires and Dreams to come true as each child received a wonderful gift.
The children's joy knew no bounds. Smiles never left their little faces throughout the holiday. They were ecstatic.
In return, our children were and are sincerely thankful for this warm attention given to them, sharing their stories and giving thank you gifts that have been made with their own hands in our art studio.
We express our sincere gratitude to 'ZARINA' for the opportunity to realize the  innermost Desires and Dreams of our children.

Saturday, 17 January 2015 00:00

The implementation of a new project started

The International Charitable Organization "Messenger of Peace" launched a new project - "Reproductive Health of Adolescents and Young People with Disabilities". The project is within the framework of the Small Grants Project - Reproductive Health in Ukraine", which implements the Foundation " Women's Health and Family Planning", supported by the US Agency for International Development / USAID.
The aim is to promote reproductive health and family planning to adolescents and young people with disabilities by conducting educational activities and providing access to medical services in Kiev and Kiev region.

The project objectives are to:
- Raise awareness and conduct preventive work on the reproductive health and family planning among adolescents and young people with disabilities in Kyiv and Kyiv oblast.
- Strengthen the competence of parents of adolescents and young people with disabilities alongside professionals specialized from institutions for children/youth with disabilities on reproductive health and family planning in Kiev and Kiev region.
- Testing of innovative forms of educational activities for adolescents and young people with functional limitations - Youth Interactive Theater.
- The organization of access to health services in reproductive health for adolescents and youth with functional limitations.

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