Wednesday, 15 November 2017 00:00

"Believe in yourself" festival


November 8, 2017 was the long-awaited favorite XVII Dneprovsky Regional Festival of Children's and Youth Creativity with functional limitations "Believe in yourself."
How much warmth and love children put in their work, which were presented at the exhibition. It's just impossible to take your eyes off! I can not believe that they were made by children and young people with features.
About 250 children and young people with disabilities of the Dniprovsky district of Kyiv took part in the festival.
In the hall the whole concert was filled with an incredible atmosphere. There was no such person who did not like wonderful dances, songs, poems and playing musical instruments.
Thank you children, for work, a wonderful holiday, the mood that was presented. We are very pleased to be involved, for a year already, in the conduct of the Creative Festival.